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The Road To A Greener Taco Bell

A Hyrbid Taco Bell-KFC, no pun intended.The first environmentally friendly KFC-Taco Bell is being opened in Northampton, Massachusetts. Yum Brands Inc, the parent company of Taco Bell is going for the company’s first LEED certification.

The new KFC-Taco Bell aims to cut energy costs by 30 percent. The franchise will use LEDs, harness natural light and use recycled materials in their countertops. YUM! brands is also calling for the use of several devices to reduce water consumption.

The building is part of the company’s “E3 Intitiative,” which focuses on the energy, environment and economics of the company’s buildings.

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  • Clarissa Pacheco says:

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  • AprilJun says:

    Man can’t wait for E3 this year,how long anyway,months ?

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  • Jessica says:

    The first time I dined to Taco Bell, I thought that they really went green since they started. Its really good that Taco bell uses LEDs since its 50-60% less electricity.

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    June 26, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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