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Man Excited About Taco Bell, Crashes Through Brick Wall

*Joshua Trout, 19, decided to speed through a Dodge County Taco Bell parking lot at 11:55 PM. When Joshua lost control of his vehicle, he rolled into the dining room of the Taco Bell hospitalizing him and his passenger April Callies.

Charges of “Causing bodily harm by reckless driving and unreasonable and imprudent speed” are pending against the driver of the truck. April and Joshua were both hospitalized but patient reports were unavailable.

Little information was given, but we can only assume he was very excited to eat his newly purchased Taco Bell. Anyone that excited about Taco Bell surely deserves to be commended, but a love for Taco Bell should never lead to bodily injury. In fact, for us here at Blog Outside The Bun, Taco Bell makes life better and brighter. As much as speeding home to eat Taco Bell sounds like an awesome idea, its better to just wait it out. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that few minutes it takes to get home will make you enjoy your hard-earned Taco Bell that much more.

*Truck pictured not same truck featured in story.

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