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Ahh, the Meximelt. The Meximelt is like the super soft taco of Taco Bell. It gets along with the side items, but still has connections with the major players of the menu. It bridges the gap between meal items and side-items and always has its place in a balanced Taco Bell experience.

The Meximelt is much like the Soft Taco in many ways, but a few small differences make it something much more. Its a soft taco tortilla filled with the meat of your choice, fiesta salsa and a three-cheese blend, then melted to perfection. The meat is less important to the taste of the Meximelt but beef is the popular choice. Meximelts are normally wrapped in an open-ended burrito fashion with the ingredients stacked on top of one another. Recently I’ve seen a few that were folded over like soft tacos, the way they appear on the website, but its new to me. Steak and chicken are only subbed in if you really don’t want beef, but take away from the value for your money of the item.

Verdict: The Meximelt fits snugly between the side items and meal items. Its an upgraded version of the Soft Taco and adding sour cream brings even more to the table. The Meximelt is worth the value when bought with beef, but not so much when chicken or steak are subbed.

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  • liquid says:

    Meximelts are one of my favorite things at Taco Bell <3 !

    January 8, 2009 at 11:37 am

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